Friday, 1 July 2011

Site for Sore eyes

As the consent progress lumbers forward, a paddock magically becomes a building site -
or the beginnings of one, at least.

Kevin Mcleod laments our rash decision not to employ an architect.

Rose consults our floorplan and starts to mark the layout
of our house’s rooms.

Ed’s assistance proves invaluable. He and Rose walk through the kitchen
- or at least where it will be, one day.

Our builder Dean surveys the site, his laser measurer giving the data to enable
the ground to be levelled (unlike the ground our current home sits on).

There are digger drivers who can pour a cup of tea with their mighty machines,
so digging a level rectangle to fit our house into shouldn’t be an issue.

And it isn’t.
Dean returns to dig holes for the house piles...

... with help of varying degrees of usefulness.

So we now have a muddy piece of flat dirt, covered in large holes and littered
with pieces of pink timber. And we think its beautiful.

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