Thursday, 22 September 2011

We're wrapped!

Now sporting a new weatherproof skin of building paper, we bid our very familiar view of the framework goodbye, and see instead that the house really is starting to look just like the picture!

Another photo-montage demonstrating that, visually at least,
all seems to be going exactly to plan.
 Rose helps Dean with the soffits, several lengths of particle board
which we’d spent a number of hours painting.
Soffits enclose the framework and finish off the underside of exterior surfaces
perfectly, as could be seen early the following morning.
Meanwhile, other details like the fascia boards need to be painted,
prior to the roof flashing being installed. "Now, where did I put that brush?"
The paper gives the interior a vaguely oriental look – very serene
and weatherproof at last!
The south side of the house, wrapped-up tight against the cold.


  1. So how is it all coming along, time-wise? Are you keeping to what your timeline is? (If you said 'it'll be done by X', I can't recall.)

  2. Hi Jamas.
    Like everyone else who's ever had a house built, our 'desired deadline' is Christmas. Some days our builder seems confident, other days not so much. Things have gone almost too smoothly building-wise, although the off-grid and waste water systems could possibly take longer than allowed for to install. The next couple of months will tell. Nice to be on the other side of winter, either way!