Thursday, 8 December 2011

Weapons of grass destruction

Serious grass-mowing hardware.
While the house has swarmed with activity, our property hasn’t exactly been resting in pastoral serenity, either. Before Mich could begin the excavation work mentioned in the last post, a firm request was put in that we do something about our rampant grass. The warm, wet spring had created perfect conditions for jungle-like growth around the house, while Roger’s stock grazing in the lower part of our property has kept that section beautifully presented all year.

Apart from appearance and convenience for the diggers, untended grass can quickly become a fire hazard when it dries out in the summer sun.
Rose somehow managed to convince a baleage company to come all the way out to cut an area which all the others had pronounced too small to be worth their trouble, so we now have an enormous lawn, and 18 bales of stock feed already going to good homes.

The mowing begins, leaving a deep layer of horizontal grass.

After being left to dry out, this is then ‘whisked’ into rows,
which are drawn into another machine and deposited as bales.

Which are then wrapped and stacked
(just as well, Rose and I almost suffered hernias trying to shift one ourselves)
For more on our deep and sometimes mixed relationship with rural grass, follow this link:

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