Thursday, 16 February 2012

The new 'Black'

(Well dark grey, actually) Be bold, be daring. This is how to dramatically alter the appearance of your entire home, in just a few hours!

Dawn reveals a distinctly different- looking south face.
The south-facing side of our home was always designed as a heat retaining shield against winter’s icy ravages. Featuring just one window and our front door (well, two doors including the cat’s entrance), it is the ‘un-showy face’ which we want present to the world – or the roadside, at least.

Hmmm, it's quite dark isn't it..?
As a contrast to the other three exterior faces, this wall is clad in an often commercially-used fibre-cement facade called titan panel. It’s durable, has an attractive ‘negative detailing’ between the boards, and its natural colour is a pale sort of cream.

No going back now!
It had always been our intention to eventually paint this wall the same dark grey as we have used on our roof, not just for weather protection and consistency in our colour scheme, but also to help the house recede into the landscape when seen from the road.
We always wanted to make as little visual impact on our surroundings as possible, something which an expanse of pale cream was never going to achieve!  The darker colour will hopefully help retain interior heat as well - this coming winter will be the test.

This shot hopefully illustrates how the darker colour will enable the house to
merge into the landscape a little more. (yes, we know we've missed the top bit -
that's what this weekend is for!)


  1. That will look great too when the building silvers.

  2. Your last photo looks so like a painting, and the colour blends in so well. The design that has gone so well must give you much pleasure now the hardest work is done.Cheers from Jean

  3. The dark grey looks really good and it really does make the house disappear into the hill. Will Rose's "Power House" shed be painted the same colour?

    Paws and fingers crossed that your water is no longer running away,

    Zebby Cat and His human, Michelle