Saturday, 8 October 2011

Another Crate Read

Our second newspaper article appeared in the Dominion Post Your Weekend magazine, Yesterday.

Rose caught in a domestic chore moment - probably collecting water to
help clean the liquid mud off me. (all images courtesy of The Dominion Post)
Due to the vagaries of page counts and advertising space, being a double page spread meant that the article has waited two months for space to become available – but better late than never.
The photographs illustrating the piece were taken at the beginning of August, and show the house in a far less advanced state of completion than it is now, but Loren the photographer’s main brief was to depict life inside our container.
One of the biggest problems was getting enough brightness into our living space, so we turned on the generator for the lights and opened both doors, giving just enough illumination for Loren to work with.  Spotting Ed, (the only one of our cats unfazed by visitors), he was immediately contracted for a number of shots.  It seems to be one of those unwritten laws that cats must appear in interior living shots – and Ed displayed a hitherto unsuspected penchant for modelling; working the lens like a professional.
The best of Loren’s photographs can be seen in the article, but I’ve included a few others, including this exclusive behind-the-scenes catwalk shot.

Loren snaps Ed as he works the runway
Although the weather was a vast improvement on the first Dominion Post photoshoot, back in July, not everything went smoothly. While moving Loren’s car so that our builder get past, I managed to get bogged down in mud, which then sprayed me from head to foot when I helped push the vehicle out again. ( I am so cool).

The Your Weekend Editor mentioned last week that apparently Rose and I could have made the cover (we still get a mention) if her Plan A hadn’t worked.  Maybe next time – and I bet Ed will get into the shot.

Can my human be in this one?
Postscript: A very special thanks to Marie for her lovely and encouraging card.

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