Friday, 21 October 2011

Glazing into Space

We now have the most wonderful doors and windows in place, and the house looks just as it's supposed to! Rose got the day off to help so talks us through it...
Five of us were on hand on Friday afternoon to install all the components, some of which, like the six panel sliding doors for the living room would be quite heavy!

Mind those bumps in the driveway!

The whole lot arrived on the trailer at 12.30 - earlier than expected as rain threatened, and Fairview (the manufaturers) didn't want the new Cedar front door to get wet.

The front door is lifted into place - safe and dry.

Carl (from Fairview) drove around the house so we could deposit the right components in the right places. The process was very smooth, the lifters would get the item off the trailer and in position below the correct space, Dean and Carl lifted the frames into position, we'd all hold it upright and in the gap and Dean drilled and nailed the window frame into the framing of the house. 

The kitchen window is lifted into position

Dean nails our bedroom doors in place

The living room doors were reduced to just the end panels and lifting it into position last was a fairly easy task before putting the panels back into place and ensuring it all behaved as it should.

The clerestories were slightly more complicated and required Dean and Jacob on the roof and the rest of the team inside precariously balanced on floor joists handing the frames up to them. Tricky, heavy but we managed.

The installation of the clerestory windows required some Kiwi ingenuity.

It only took us a couple of hours to complete the job and the sun shone the whole time.  
When Al arrived home with the usual Friday night fish and chips - I had set up an outdoor table in our bedroom,  with candles and a bottle of champagne to celebrate our joinery.  Another important phase of our build seems to have gone without a hitch.

Completely weather-tight at last!

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  1. it looks great,now with all windows in, you will be able to walk around inside and get the "Real Feel" of your new home, and more importantly, as I know after living in a caravan for a year, have some space when the "little house" seems a bit cramped. The top windows are a perfect match to the roofline,congrats for all windows getting in place with no breaks. Cheers from Jean