Friday, 13 January 2012

Rebooting the Home Site

The holiday’s over and just as we begin to feel settled, we’re about to be sent to our rooms again.

It's nice to be here - a slightly happier version of 'American Gothic'.
2012 is two weeks old and activity is slowly beginning to build again. Pieter our tiler is hard at work water-proofing most of our bathroom in preparation for the installation of something called a shower. We have a dim recollection of these devices from before we lived in a box, and are tentatively confident that we’ll get the hang of having our own again in due course.

It's going to be a shower with a view - both ways! (We'll grow something outside)
The floor-sander is booked for next week, but first we need to establish whether our off-grid system can power his mighty machine – apparently even our generator isn’t up to it! Either way, this will mean a return to our first days of house occupation – living, cooking and eating out of our bedrooms while layers of sawdust noisily join the layers of plaster dust on all our interior surfaces.

This floor is about to get a damn good thrashing - but will look all the better for it afterwards.
It will be worth it - not just because we’ll have a beautifully finished matai floor, but also because the kitchen will then be able to be installed. And once this is done and the tiler is finished, our plumber can come back and pull us into the nineteenth century by bringing actual running water into our home!
We truly won’t know ourselves and will no doubt find ourselves standing naked under bags of lukewarm water or drinking from nearby garden hoses until it finally registers in that we won’t need to do this anymore!

If you think this designer kitchen is really something, wait till you see the one we're about to get!
(Thank you Roger, once again your generosity has saved us)


  1. Your home is looking so good - thank you for generously sharing the journey with complete strangers like me.

    Now, have you worked out where to place the all-important cats' door yet?

    Sending care and huggles to all 5 of you, Michelle/Mickle and Zebby Cat, xxxxx and puRRRRRumbles

  2. Many thanks for that, Michelle and Zebby Cat - and Happy New Year to you both!
    It's great to know that some readers are still sticking with us as we near the end of our journey. May 2012 be as good to you as it has to us so far!