Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Silent night, solar light

T’was the night before the night before Christmas, and we got sunshine in the darkness.

True to their word our electricians connected our solar power system just
before Christmas – being able to flick a switch and get this result will never get old!
Happy New Year, everyone.  In journalistic terms, it's still the 'silly season' - no serious news until next week, when our Plumber returns and other contractors, including our tiler, pick up tools. 

Until then, here's a section of holiday shots.  Our partially-completed home stood up well to a perpetual round of guests over Christmas, despite our lack of running water.  Everyone got firmly into the 'camping spirit', and naturally a plentiful supply of 'seasonal cheer' lubricates all minor inconveniences.

By the time Iwrite again, we'll hopefully be on our way to enjoying our own shower, inside toilet and sinks - luxuries almost impossible for us to imagine.  A combination of the usual New Year downpour and Roger's generosity has meant that we are well on our way towards filling our water tanks.  We're looking forward to being able to draw on them, now!

The house is bare and undecorated, but definitely habitable.
Even the Christmas tree lights are powered with their own tiny solar panel.
Fortunately, there was plenty of sun over the Christmas break – cloudless skies
and each day hotter than the last. Despite not having plumbed water, we
had ten people for lunch on Boxing day.
Although the temperatures being in the high 20’s, we got plenty of Frisbee practise in
The exhilarating embrace of the Waiohine river is perfect for cooling down in, however.
Despite having ‘moved in’, there’s still plenty to be done.
Here, Rose fixes the catches for our exterior doors.

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